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The Philippines continuously suffers from the adverse impacts of climate-fueled, extreme and destructive weather events alongside the COVID-19 pandemic.

OUR GOAL: The abilities of women and men to realize their rights and improve their well- being are increased despite the risks that affect their lives and the slow-onset, incremental changes that weaken their coping mechanisms.

Photo: Juanito Bantong/Oxfam Pilipinas

Who benefits from climate finance?

April 19, 2024

The critical path in project management represents the shortest time required to complete a project. Similarly, addressing the climate crisis necessitates identifying the most effective route, which some argue is solely through initiatives targeting carbon emissions.

Oxfam Pilipinas’ care work campaign during COVID wins top Quill award 

January 25, 2024

Oxfam Pilipinas’ campaign addressing gender norms on unpaid care work and women’s breadwinning during COVID-19 received the top award at the recently held 20th Philippine Quill Awards.  The “HomesquadPH” campaign, which sheds light on unpaid care and domestic work (UCDW) in Filipino homes, especially among urban millennials, received an Award of Excellence in communication management […]

I knew my family wouldn’t starve

December 15, 2023

When disaster strikes, what could be better for the affected communities than a speedy emergency response? One that’s already happened. That’s the idea behind a new approach to cyclones and other hazards that are possible to predict: distributing cash in advance in the communities that lie in harm’s way.

Palawan folk fight for future as world scrambles for critical minerals

December 6, 2023

Moharen Tambiling, an indigenous Palaw’an, was once a supporter of a nickel mine on their ancestral land in southern Palawan. He was initially drawn in by the miner’s promises of job opportunities and development. 

852 families receive cash assistance in Dolores, E. Samar before floods hit

November 25, 2023

At least 852 families in flood-prone barangays in Dolores town in Eastern Samar received preemptive cash assistance from the local government in anticipation of the potential impacts of the shear line and low-pressure area last November 18. The initiative was a proactive disaster preparedness measure by the local government of Dolores to help vulnerable communities […]

Oxfam Pilipinas calls for proactive spending of disaster funds on Yolanda’s 10th anniversary

November 8, 2023

Humanitarian and development organization Oxfam Pilipinas urges local governments to shift from reactive spending to a proactive approach by utilizing local calamity funds, also known as the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Funds (LDRRMF) effectively.

Regional forum tackles impact of changing climate on care work

November 6, 2023

A regional forum organized in Ormoc City shed light on how climate change deepens gender inequalities particularly the unequal distribution of unpaid care and domestic work among women and girls.

ASEAN Leaders Urged to Prioritize and Make Concrete Action on Sustainable & Just Regional Energy Transformation

September 4, 2023

Around 70 climate and energy thought leaders, policymakers, and experts from Indonesia, Philippines, Timor Leste, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos gathered in Jakarta on 29-31 August 2023 for critical dialogues and collaborative endeavours aimed at driving a sustainable and equitable energy transition across Southeast Asia.

Sustainable Finance is Key to Advancing Gender Equality in ASEAN’s Agriculture Sector, Fair Finance Asia Says

August 23, 2023

Fair Finance Asia and Gender Transformative and Responsible Agribusiness Investments in South-East Asia, both Oxfam programs, have launched a new policy brief alongside the Sixth Association of Southeast Asian Nations Inclusive Business Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

Local government units commit to support renewable energy project in Eastern Samar

March 30, 2023

The local government units of Borongan City and Municipality of Dolores have committed to promote renewable energy and create a more sustainable future for their communities.