WSF 2024: Another world is possible amidst a broken world

April 19, 2024

As a youth climate activist from a province in the Philippines–who directly feels the impact of and sees how people are suffering from the climate crisis, genocides, and widespread human rights violations and inequality–participating in platforms such as the World Social Forum (WSF) 2024 will always be both overwhelming, but also very energizing.

Who benefits from climate finance?

April 19, 2024

The critical path in project management represents the shortest time required to complete a project. Similarly, addressing the climate crisis necessitates identifying the most effective route, which some argue is solely through initiatives targeting carbon emissions.

Interconnected struggles of Bangsamoro and Palestinians

April 19, 2024

As a Bangsamoro advocate in the Philippines who has fought for our existence and the right to our land, I find it relatable how Palestinians are continuously fighting for their land, which has been occupied for seventy-five (75) years. Our experiences of injustices such as massacres, land grabbing, and displacement of civilians in every encounter […]