Safety in Solidarity: How Understanding the Gendered Needs of Communities Means Safety for All

February 8, 2021

In this briefing note, Nastasia L. Tysmans highlights four key insights from the report which ought to urge us even more to integrate practices of solidarity into ongoing efforts to respond to COVID-19. It’s not too late to implement a gender-sensitive and effective decision-making strategy to mitigate the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on vulnerable groups […]

Voices from the Compounded Crisis: Oxfam COVID-19 Rapid Gender Assessment Regional Highlights in the Philippines

December 4, 2020

Global and national strategic plans for COVID-19 preparedness and response must be grounded in strong gender analysis and inclusive representations in decision making and implementation measures to create effective, equitable policies and strong COVID-19 key interventions. While this concept is no longer new, there is also no evidence suggesting the gender responsiveness of the Philippines National […]