Women Journeying towards Peace: Ensuring Meaningful Participation and Economic Empowerment of the Bangsamoro Islamic Women Auxiliary Brigade (BIWAB) and Bangsamoro Women

October 27, 2021

After years in revolutionary struggle, how can the Bangsamoro Islamic Women Auxiliary Brigade (BIWAB) reintegrate meaningfully into society? After years of living in conflict, how are the needs of civilian Bangsamoro being addressed? What socio-economic frameworks, policies and programs can address their gendered and intersecting needs? How can they contribute to the creation of a […]

The Women’s Quest for ‘Kambayabaya’

September 22, 2016

  “The Women’s Quest for ‘Kambayabaya'” is a picture storybook based on the lives of real women interviewed by Oxfam in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Despite the tragedy that hit their community on January 25, 2015, the women try to cope by helping each other and constantly hoping and praying for just and lasting peace to come […]